Green Bay Packers: 5 things to be thankful for in 2018-19

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2. Aaron Rodgers is still the quarterback

Rodgers is still one of the most talented quarterbacks of all time. He has the ability to make throws on the move that other quarterbacks only dream of. His ability to put a ball in a bucket from 50 yards away is unmatched. Despite his disgruntled demeanor and obvious deteriorating relationship with McCarthy, Rodgers is still the quarterback of the Packers, and he gives them the opportunity to win every week.

When looking at Rodgers’ numbers for this season, he continues to put up great numbers for this team, and he makes this offense go when no one else will. We have seen what this team looks like without Rodgers under center. They look completely disjointed and broken with anyone else running the offense because it’s catered to his strengths. When you have one of the greatest of all time under center, you make sure that he is kept happy.

Rodgers had two seasons left under contract, and the rumors coming into the year were about how long it would take to lock him up to a new contract. Gutekunst and Rodgers wasted no time in getting that deal taken care of, as he signed his new deal on August 30th before the first game was ever played. Even if the Packers move on from McCarthy at the end of the season, Rodgers will be here for a long time to keep this team going.