Green Bay Packers vs Miami Dolphins: 5 matchups to watch

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5. Cameron Wake vs Bryan Bulaga

When the Packers have given up pressure this season, it has come from the right side of the offensive line. Bryan Bulaga’s matchup is another brutal one in the form of Cameron Wake. Wake isn’t the All-Pro that he was back in 2012, but he is still one of the better edge rushers in the NFL. Bulaga has improved from his struggle to start the season, but he got demolished by New England edge rusher Trey Flowers last weekend.

Wake’s unique combination of speed and power make him a tough block for anyone that he lines up across from. He has the ability to bend around the edge on slower tackles, or he can bull-rush a tackle into the quarterback’s lap. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Packers leave a tight-end to chip in obvious passing situations or a running back in the backfield. Rodgers went braceless last week, but it was clear he is still not 100 percent.

Bulaga has shown the ability to be a reliable blocker, but, like the rest of the team, he has just been very inconsistent. For every pancake block, he gets beat by an average speed rusher around the edge. The Packers would be wise to give him some help if he struggles early on. If he plays well, the Packers will have much more success as their offense will be much more open.