Packers vs Raiders: 5 players who are feeling the pressure

COLUMBIA, MO - OCTOBER 21: J'Mon Moore /
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2. J’Mon Moore

J’Mon Moore is most likely the most athletically talented receiver the Packers have. He has great height (6-foot-4) and a sub-4.00 40-yard dash. Because of those traits, he has no problem creating separation from opposing defensive backs.

After the separation, however, comes the hard part for Moore. Catching the ball. Moore struggled with drops in college at Missouri and that has carried over and then some to the NFL. It doesn’t matter if its practice or the games, Moore can’t figure it out.

Its begun to get so bad that it’s now in his head. He knows it’s an issue, the Packers know it’s an issue and Moore can’t stop thinking about it. Fortunately for Moore, he has the confidence of his teammates, including Rodgers, to turn things around. But if he doesn’t, Green Bay will find themselves in the difficult position of trying to figure out if they should cut their fourth-round pick.