Milwaukee Bucks: 5 best trade assets

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5. Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe’s trade value was already suppressed when the Bucks acquired him in December of 2017. Back then, they acquired him in exchange for a uniquely protected first round pick, a 2018 second round pick and an expiring contract in Greg Monroe.

The first round pick turned over to the Phoenix Suns in 2018 if it fell between picks 11-16. However, the Bucks lost a coin flip and ended up with the 17th overall pick which meant they kept it. The Suns will receive the pick in 2019 if its anywhere between 4-16, in 2020 if it’s outside the top seven and it’s unprotected in 2021. Monroe only played 20 games in Phoenix before the two agreed to part ways.

Part of the allure of Bledsoe was that he had nearly two years remaining on his deal. That’s now down to one. It’s unlikely the Bucks would get a return of the same magnitude if they attempted to move Bledsoe now. That’s the primary reason he comes in at No. 5 on this list.