Green Bay Packers: 5 units that can give them trouble in 2018-19

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1. Minnesota Vikings Offense

Last season, the Vikings had a career backup quarterback in Case Keenum lead them to a top-10 offense. This offseason, they went out and added one of the best free agent quarterbacks available in Kirk Cousins. They also get back Dalvin Cook from a torn ACL last season. Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen return to provide one of the best 1-2 punches at wide receiver leaguewide. The skill group is downright scary.

If they are able to remain healthy, they have the ability to finish as a top-five offense in the NFL. Health, specifically of the offensive line, is what will decide how far their offense goes this season. The Vikings torched the Packers twice last year with a backup quarterback. While the Packers defense has gotten better, has it gotten better enough to stop the unit the Vikings will be trotting out?

The Vikings allowed their defense to carry them to the NFC championship game, which the 2013-14 Seattle Seahawks showed is a successful strategy. When they ran out of steam against the eventual champion Philadelphia Eagles, GM Rick Speilman decided to go reload and increase their chance of ending their franchise-long Super Bowl quest. If the Packers defense is able to gel quickly, this might not be so bad, but it could get really ugly really fast.