Green Bay Packers: 5 keys to success in 2018

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Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers are looking to start a new playoff streak in 2018. Here are five things that need to happen in order for them to be successful.

The Green Bay Packers lost Aaron Rodgers to a collarbone injury against the Minnesota Vikings last season. And with Rodgers, went their whole entire season. It’s far from ideal to have one player’s health make or break your team, but that’s exactly what happened to Green Bay.

When new general manager Brian Gutekunst was hired this offseason, it can be certain one of his priorities was to build a more well-rounded team. Although that’s probably impossible to do in one offseason, he’s begun by using all avenues available to him whether it’s via trade, the draft or free agency.

Hopefully, over time, this will allow the Packers to improve the talent on their roster from top to bottom and not just on the top. Remember, Rodgers is already 35-years-old and won’t be around forever.

Regardless, the Packers will need more than just Rodgers to play at his best in order to have success in 2018. Success can be defined in many ways, but for Packers’ fans, it almost always means winning the Super Bowl. So, here are five keys to “success” for the Packers in the 2018 season.