Green Bay Packers: 5 reasons they will return to the playoffs

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Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers
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3. A Healthy Aaron Rodgers

When fully healthy with each of his weapons, Rodgers is the most talented quarterback in the NFL. He has the ability to make the impossible plays possible. His career highlight reel is riddled with plays that no other quarterback is able to make. His hail marys seem routine, while other quarterbacks make routine plays look difficult. Brian Gutekunst and Mike McCarthy are setting Rodgers up to have one of the most dominant seasons of his career.

Gutekunst gave him two new tight ends in Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis. Three new wide receivers were added in the draft. All three possess great speed and athleticism to give the offense the deep threat they have lacked as Nelson’s athleticism waned in recent years. Rodgers and Adams looked like they were developing a real chemistry last season. He knows where to put the ball where only his guy can get it better than anyone.

Rodgers has never had a running back group to really take the heat off of him. This one will open up even more looks for him. Teams will stack the box in an effort to stop the run, which will give one-on-one matchups for his receivers. Philbin will design routes to take advantage of those matchups. As long as he’s healthy, the NFL is in for a world of hurt with Rodgers orchestrating the offense.