Green Bay Packers: 5 reasons they will return to the playoffs

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4. Elite Player Developments

Kenny Clark and Davante Adams should both be talked about among the league’s best by seasons end. Clark was viewed as a bust and major reach after his rookie season. He finished 13th among interior defenders per Pro Football Focus last season. Adams was unfortunate injuries away from his first 1000 yard season. Both have extremely high ceilings, they will get even closer to them this season.

Clark has a lightning quick first step that allows him to penetrate to the backfield. Clark was a top-10 run defender last season. The Packers were a top run unit before Rodgers went down, then game-script resulted in teams running the majority of the game. With Muhammad Wilkerson now in the fold, this will give Clark more one-on-one matchups that will show off his true dominance this season.

Adams is quickly moving into the upper-echelon of NFL wide receivers. If it weren’t for injuries to he and Rodgers, he would have posted his first career 1000 yard season. He is the number one touchdown scorer over the last two seasons with 22 total. With Jordy Nelson now in Oakland, Adams is the unquestioned number one option. He’s the number nine receiver per, and he should only get higher on the list after this season.