Green Bay Packers: 5 most important players for 2018 not named Aaron Rodgers

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 08: Kevin King /
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The Green Bay Packers have a very important year coming up and need these five players to step up. Otherwise, they’re in trouble.

We all know how important Aaron Rodgers is to the Green Bay Packers. And, if, for some crazy reason, it wasn’t known before last year, we sure as heck know now.

The Packers wilted down for the better part of the season when Rodgers was on the bench with a broken collarbone. His absence highlighted the lack of depth and talent Green Bay has on their roster.

Green Bay was, after all, 4-1 and in the midst of a huge showdown with the division rival Minnesota Vikings when Rodgers got hurt on that dirty (but not actually dirty) hit by linebacker Anthony Barr. From there, they only won three games the rest of the season and wound up 7-9.

If this list were to include anybody on the Packers, Rodgers would unquestionably be at No. 1. But this list is a bit different. It’s the five most important players NOT named Aaron Rodgers. That makes it a little bit more unique and interesting.

It doesn’t assume Rodges is hurt because then it would look very different. Instead, it assumes he’s on the field and healthy. In that scenario, we run through the five most important players who are absolutely vital to the success of the Packers with Rodgers at the helm.