The Green Bay Packers’ offseason workout dates

The Green Bay Packers have officially announced their full slate of offseason workout dates and schedule, beginning in the middle of April.

Even though we are still months away from the Green Bay Packers playing meaningful football, we are right around the corner from the 2018 NFL Draft. And that means we’re right around the corner from being right around the corner to some organized football.

On Monday, the Packers announced their 2018 schedule of workout dates for their offseason program, organized team activities, and mandatory minicamps.

They’ll unofficially begin their workout program on April 16, a day before the rest of America needs to have their 2018 taxes filed by.

Then, from May 21-23, May 30-June 1 and June 4-7, they’ll hold their annual organized team activities that will most of, if not all, the new rookie class will be able to participate in.

Then finally, to wrap up the mid-summer portion, they’ll hold their mandatory minicamp from June 12-14.

Even though we are still a ways away from anything resembling Packers football, it feels so nice to get some something to look forward to with concrete dates. I’m sure we’ll all keep a close eye on those players who’ve completely changed their bodies or are set for a breakout season. Remember, folks, everything we see during these organized team activities will translate directly to the actual NFL season come September.

On a more serious note, make sure to follow Dairyland Express for all your Packers’ coverage as we amp up draft season and get ready to dive into the hot Wisconsin summer.