Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre’s Top 10 Memorable Games As A Packer

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3. The start of something legendary – Sept. 20, 1992

Every great story has to have a beginning and Favre’s story started out with a bang.

Coming in for relief for injured starter Don Majkowski, Favre didn’t really light up the stat sheets in a good way against the Cincinnati Bengals. By the fourth quarter, Favre had fumbled the ball a total of four times. The game looked pretty much over when the Bengals were up 20-10 midway through the fourth quarter.

Then something clicked for Favre.

With eight minutes left in the game, Favre led the Packers to a touchdown scoring drive when he hit Sterling Sharpe for a touchdown pass. The Packers cut the lead 20-17 with four minutes left.

The Bengals would add a field goal on the ensuing drive and would go up 23-17 with just over a minute left.

The Packers would need to go 93 yards in 1:07 with no timeouts. A feat that is difficult for any quarterback, but Favre stood up to the challenge.

It only took Favre four passes and one spike to stop the clock to get the Packers in the end zone.  He hit Kitrick Taylor, who had just replaced the injured Sharpe on that play, for a 35-yard touchdown to tie the game. After the extra point, the Packers were up 24-23 and would go on to win the game. Not a bad way to start a legendary career.

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