Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre’s Top 10 Memorable Games As A Packer

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7. Can’t keep him down – Dec. 24, 1995

The Packers had a chance to win their first division title since 1972 when the Pittsburgh Steelers came to Lambeau Field on Christmas Eve. The Steelers, who would go on to advance to the Super Bowl later that year, were not going to make things easy for the Packers.

In the third quarter, the Packers were leading the Steelers 14-10. On a roll out pass play, Favre was hit hard by three Pittsburgh defenders. Favre was forced to head to the sidelines where he was coughing up blood. The Packers called timeout and Favre came back in for the next play and hit Mark Chumura for a touchdown pass to go up 21-10.

The Steelers would start to climb back in it and were down 24-19. They had a shot to spoil Christmas for the Packers, but instead Yancey Thigpen gave the Packers an early Christmas gift and dropped a wide open touchdown catch in the endzone on fourth down with just seconds remaining.

The Packers would clinch their title as Favre took a knee on the next snap and ran to the Packers locker room holding the ball high in the air.

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