Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre’s Top 10 Memorable Games As A Packer

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8. Record breaking – Sept. 30, 2007

The week before at Lambeau Field against the San Diego Chargers, Favre had a chance to break Dan Marino‘s touchdown record in front of the home crowd. Instead, Favre and the Packers respectfully ran out the clock and secured a come from behind win against the Chargers.

Favre would have a chance to break the record in Minnesota at the Metrodome, a place where he historically struggled.

It didn’t take Favre too long to break the record, as he hit Greg Jennings with a 16-yard touchdown pass to break the long-standing mark of 420 career touchdown passes. Even though it was a road game, there were plenty of Packers fans in attendance to witness this record-breaking performance.

Even though Favre’s record has since been passed by Peyton Manning, it’s still one of Favre’s most memorable moments in his career. The touchdown record is one of the most prestigious records in the NFL.

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