Stacking The Green Bay Packers Against NFC Playoff Foes

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Dec 21, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (1) celebrates after a touchdown during the second quarter against the Cleveland Browns at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Panthers vs. Falcons winner

These two teams have not had the kind of season they were hoping for, both only having six wins on the year, and yet they find themselves one win away from a division title and a home playoff game.

If there was ever a team you’d want Green Bay to play against, the winner of this game would be just that.

Green Bay has played against, and defeated, both of these teams in the regular season.  The Packers beat up the Panthers in week 7, winning 38-17, and just recently defeated the Falcons a few weeks ago 43-37.

You’d have to think that if Green Bay would be so lucky to play either of these teams, they would/should win.

In terms of the Carolina Panthers, they pose one real threat and his name is Cam Newton.  We are all aware of the problems Green Bay has had in the past few years with running quarterbacks (Colin Kaepernick running for 163 against Green Bay) but whether it’d be Kaepernick or Russell Wilson, they had more complete teams.

Carolina has a defense that ranks in the lower half of the league in points allowed and rushing yards allowed.  Green bay can run the ball with Eddie Lacy now, and is one of the most prolific scoring offenses in the league.  Green Bay has already proven that they can contain Cam Newton, who only had 205 passing yards and 41 rushing yards in their October 19th meeting at Lambeau.

Of all the potential playoff teams, I’d feel the most comfortable facing Carolina.

In terms of the Atlanta Falcons, they are a more complete team.  While a lot of Atlanta’s points came in garbage time, during their Monday night game at Lambeau December 8th, they still showed that they could points on the board in frigid Lambeau.  A combination of Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and the explosive Julio Jones has the potential to compete with any offense in a shootout.

Though they have the potential, I don’t see them winning a playoff game regardless who they were to play wild card weekend.

Green Bay would be in good shape facing either of these NFC South teams.

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