NFL: Week 4 Power Rankings From A Packer Fan


Aaron Rodgers told Packer fans on Tuesday on his weekly radio show (via Rob Demovsky of, “Five letters here just for everybody in Packer-land: R-E-L-A-X. Relax. We’re going to be OK.”

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Buffalo Bills climb in latest AFC power rankings after bye week
Buffalo Bills climb in latest AFC power rankings after bye week /


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  • I love Aaron Rodgers, but I am not relaxed. I believe him that HE is going to be okay, but the woeful offensive line, questionable play-calling by coach Mike McCarthy, and significant decline in Eddie Lacy‘s production are factors I can’t relax about.

    In my rapid reaction to the embarrassment of a game against the Lions on Sunday, I asked why in the world did James Starks not get more work? McCarthy was giving DuJuan Harris the majority of the work in the fourth quarter, despite a predominantly productive game from Starks thus far (38 yards on eight carries). I understand going away from Lacy as it was clearly the worst game of his career, but why revert to Harris?

    I respectfully disagree with our quarterback, I believe Packer fans have cause for concern. To relax would be to blind ourselves from what we’ve seen on the field this season. This concern is reflected in my week 4 ranks.

    To clarify, the way I do power rankings is looking at every team and asking myself a series of questions (In order of importance):

    1. If this team played all other 31 NFL teams today, how many games would they win?
    2. How good are the teams this team has beaten so far, and how convincingly did they beat them?
    3. What do I believe is the potential of how far the QB can take this team? Bad QB’s on good teams will ultimately lose playoff games (Andy Dalton), while good QB’s on bad teams can sometimes propel the otherwise poor personnel to the Super Bowl (Tom Brady 2001, best receiver was Troy Brown)

    There are, of course, other factors (injury potential, coaching, home/road splits) that go into ranking teams, but these are the most important factors of ranking a team over another. With that, this unrelaxed (sorry, Aaron) Packer fan submits his Week 4 power rankings.

    48. The Bucs drop to last this week, the only reason being the Raiders showed a heck of a lot more competence against the Pats on Sunday than the Bucs did against the Falcons on Thursday. Again, the Bucs’ defense allowed 488 total yards to the Falcons’ offense, gained a whole 217 total yards on offense, and they just look lost right now. As I said last week, they certainly do not have their QB of the future so it’s difficult to evaluate the rest of the offense, but for now the cannon in Tampa will not be banging very often.. 0-3. Last Week: 31 (-1). Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 32. player

    0-3. Last Week: 32 (+1). Oakland Raiders. 31. player. 28. The Raiders actually showed semblance of being a real football team! They probably should’ve won, barring a dropped catch resulting in a <strong><a href=

    30. player. 52. Much like the Raiders are doing to <strong><a href=. 0-3. Last Week: 29 (-1). Jacksonville Jaguars

    player. 51. Is <strong><a href=. 1-2. Last Week: 30 (+1). St. Louis Rams. 29

    1-2. Last Week: 26th (-2). Minnesota Vikings. 28. player. 60. Teddy time! I’m excited to watch <strong><a href=

    player. 35. <strong><a href=. 1-2. Last Week: 22 (-5). Tennessee Titans. 27

    59. Amazingly, the run game was not the problem for the Dolphins last Sunday. <strong><a href=. 1-2. Last Week: 20 (-6). Miami Dolphins. 26. player

    2-1. Last Week: 24 (-1). Houston Texans. 25. player. 10. Third-down efficiency told the story for the Houston Texans on Sunday–2-for-12 on third down against a woeful Giants defense. This was an odd game, the Texans still put up 411 total yards but somehow only scored 17 points. Regardless, any team that loses by double digits to another mediocre to poor team is not going to crack the top 20 for a while.

    player. 31. An adept reader pointed out that my claim that the NFC East division is the worst in the league may be contradicted by my own rankings. I do have the Eagles as a top-five team, but the average rank of all four teams this week is 17. The AFC South, on the other hand, is at an average of 22.75. So I in fact believe (by way of my own rankings) that the AFC South is the worst division in the league. As for the Giants, <strong><a href=. 1-2. Last Week: 27 (+3). New York Giants. 24

    <strong><a href=. 1-2. Last Week: 23. Kansas City Chiefs. 23. player. 124

    Last Week: 18 (-4). Cleveland Browns. 22. player. 53. I still maintain that no team in the NFL looks forward to playing the Browns, and they didn’t look terrible against the Ravens, but that confidence I had in them after defeating the Saints is gone. This isn’t the fault of the Browns, I’m just lower on New Orleans than I was before and beating them doesn’t seem as impressive anymore. Still noteworthy, but doesn’t bolster the Browns as much now.. 1-2

    Last Week: 25 (+5). Pittsburgh Steelers. 20. player. 55. Another team I was way wrong about. At first glance at the box score, you’d think the Steelers were an offensive juggernaut, putting up 37 points against the vaunted Carolina defense. Self-destructive mistakes by the Panthers contributed to this, but the Steelers are definitely better than I thought.. 2-1

    16. E.J. Manuel is not good. Some of his passes just look terrible, he makes major mistakes (penalty resulting in safety), and he reverts to running out of the pocket far too often. I don’t think teams are scared of the Bills at all and they only reason I have them this high is because of their record.. 2-1. Last Week: 16 (-3). Buffalo Bills. 19. player

    The Cowboys have an atrocious defense, allowing 448 total yards to the lowly Rams. The Cowboys are going to continue to put up points, and they’ll have to win games 40-37 every week, but I love <strong><a href=. 2-1. Last Week: 21 (+3). Dallas Cowboys. 18. player. 123

    17. player. 26. Barely defeating Cleveland isn’t actually something to feel ashamed about anymore! The Ravens are going to continue to defeat mediocre teams by scoring five field goals and playing good defense, but when they play good NFC teams I believe they are going to be exposed.. 2-1. Last Week: 18 (+1). Baltimore Ravens

    New York Jets. 16. player. 30. I am really tempted to rank the Jets higher. If they didn’t have such costly mistakes at the end of games, this would be a top 10 team. Their defense is just so good, giving up just 33 yards to one of the best running backs in the league, <strong><a href=. 1-2. Last Week: 17 (+1)

    player. 15. If I did tiers, the Saints, Packers, and Patriots would be in the “what the hell is wrong with us?” tier. Another ugly game for the Saints’ offense, scoring just 20 points against a really bad Vikings team. I am curious to see how the Saints will play against better teams, they may just get blown out.. 1-2. Last Week: 11 (-4). New Orleans Saints. 15

    49. The Houston Texans have a better record than us. This really pains me to rank the Packers this low, but I can’t ignore that fact. See intro to article for real analysis.. 1-2. Last Week: 9 (-5). Green Bay Packers. 14. player


    87. I can’t figure out Carolina. Every time they convince me to go the other way, they either get blown out or obliterate the opposition. If their defense plays as poorly as it did against Pittsburgh, the Panthers will win 3-4 games more this year.. 2-1. Last Week: 7 (-6). Carolina Panthers. 13. player

    47. I feel a breakout game coming. It was supposed to be against the Raiders last weekend, but I still believe. Putting up 16 points against the Raiders is pretty pathetic, but I just can’t see them stooping any lower.. 2-1. Last Week: 10 (-2). New England Patriots. 12. player

    57. It is so like the Bears to get a gimme pick six to open the game on Monday Night Football. They will continue to do their age-old <strong><a href=. 2-1. Last Week: 13 (+2). Chicago Bears. 11. player

    Detroit Lions. 10. player. 50. Detroit has an incredible defense. They are allowing 20 fewer yards a game than the second-ranked ranked overall defense. I’m obviously biased as they just completely shut down Aaron Rodgers, but I think their defense is legitimate and if they keep it up, I believe they run away with the NFC North.. 2-1. Last Week: 15 (+5)

    9. player. 42. I am still not panicking. If Kaepernick had come out and said what Rodgers said, telling his fans to relax, I would believe it. The Niners lost to a very solid Cardinals team in the last few minutes of the game, and it’s not like Kaepernick has completely lost it. He didn’t throw any picks in this game, and ran for 54 yards. I can’t see the Niners winning less than 10 games.. 1-2. Last Week: 3 (-5). San Francisco 49ers

    46. <strong><a href=. 1-2. Last Week: 12 (+4). Indianapolis Colts. 8. player

    I still need to see <strong><a href=. 2-1. Last Week: 8 (+1). Atlanta Falcons. 7. player. 44

    6. player. 32. Bruce Arians is officially my way too early pick for Coach of the Year. Beating the 49ers with <strong><a href=. 3-0. Last Week: 14 (+8). Arizona Cardinals

    The Chargers took care of what I think is a fraudulent Buffalo Bills team on Sunday, defeating them 22-10. This is what good teams do: beat decent teams convincingly, never giving a hint of anything but domination.. 2-1. Last Week: 6 (+1). San Diego Chargers. 5. player. 13

    Last Week: 5 (+1). Philadelphia Eagles. 4. player. 54. Despite shaky performances from Lesean<strong><a href=. 3-0

    3-0. Last Week: 4 (+1). Cincinnati Bengals. 3. player. 56. The Bengals will always be plagued by having Andy Dalton as their quarterback, but they are stacked at nearly every other position on the field and this is undoubtedly a playoff team. If they do make the Super Bowl, it will end the age-old debate: Can a bad quarterback on a great team succeed win the Super Bowl? This may have been answered already when <strong><a href=

    2-1. Last Week 2. Denver Broncos. 2. player. 45. Denver lost in overtime in what probably will end up being the best of game of the year against the Seahawks. On a neutral field, I think Denver wins that game six out of 10 times, but the 12th Man really hurts a quarterback that loves to audible. I think Denver will still go 12-4, and that last drive to send the game to overtime gave me confidence that this team hasn’t regressed enough to be lowered just yet.

    36. The Seahawks remain at No. 1 this week after they defeated what I believe to be the toughest competition they’ll have all year. Again, their loss to San Diego was in a sauna of a stadium, not to mention they were without their insane home field advantage in the first place. I believe <strong><a href=. 2-1. Last Week: 1. Seattle Seahawks. 1. player

    Highest Rise: Arizona Cardinals (+8)

    Lowest Fall: Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins (-6)

    Coming out later in the week I will be writing a column with my picks against the spread, as well as bold(ish) predictions for each game. In order to stay fair my pick for the Thursday night game is Washington (minus-3.5) over the Giants. Kirk Cousins throws for more than 300 yards again for the second week in a row and Rashad Jennings rushes for less than 60 yards against a stout Redskins rush defense.

    Thanks for reading, and let me know where I’m wrong/where I’m right in the comments below!