NFL Week 3 Power Rankings From a Packer Fan


Every week, I’ll be posting my NFL Power Rankings, with my glaring Green Bay Packers bias. This does not mean I’ll be ranking the Packers No. 1 each time, but if a mediocre team beats us I am much more likely to rank them higher. Because if they can beat Aaron Rodgers, they can beat anyone right?

28. <strong><a href=. 0-2. T3rd AFC West. Oakland Raiders. 32. player

On Thursday night, the Bucs had one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from a football team in any league. They most certainly do not have their quarterback of the future, but the whole team just looked like they were an AI in Madden playing on the Rookie difficulty setting.. 0-3. 4th NFC South. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 31. player. 48

51. The Rams are the unluckiest team in the league. They draft an excellent class every year, only to be plagued by horrible backup quarterback play. If they get Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston next year, look for a huge turnaround from the Rams.. 1-1. T2nd NFC West. St. Louis Rams. 30. player

player. 52. Every new NFL season I’m convinced it’s the year the Jags finally overcome their miserable streak of losing seasons. It’s not this year. Again. At least they have <strong><a href=. 0-2. T3rd AFC South. Jacksonville Jaguars. 29

27. player. 31. The horrible Giants are the epitome of the horrible NFC East.. 0-2. 4th NFC East. New York Giants

player. 60. Tough to bounce back from losing the guy your entire offense is created around. I just want to see if <strong><a href=. 1-1. T1st NFC North. Minnesota Vikings. 26

55. The Steelers didn’t show any fight against the Ravens last Thursday, and nearly blew a 27-3 halftime lead against the Browns in week one. They are on a serious downswing. . 1-1. T2nd AFC North. Pittsburgh Steelers. 25. player

Don’t be deceived by the Texans’ success against the Raiders and Redskins. <strong><a href=. 2-0. 1st AFC South. Houston Texans. 24. player. 10

T3rd AFC West. Kansas City Chiefs. 23. player. 124. This is a regression team I bought into, and was right about. This ranking could potentially go down even further if <strong><a href=. 0-2

22. player. 35. I got burned by the Titans in Week 2. I thought <strong><a href=. 1-1. 2nd AFC South. Tennessee Titans

Dallas Cowboys. 21. player. 123. I’m a <strong><a href=. 1-1. T2nd NFC East

1-1. T2nd AFC East. Miami Dolphins. 20. player. 59. The loss of <strong><a href=

1-1. T2nd AFC North. Baltimore Ravens. 19. player. 26. The close game loss at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1 is more promising for the Ravens than the destruction of the Steelers in Week 2.

Cleveland Browns. 18. player. 53. Holding <strong><a href=. 1-1. T2nd AFC North

17. player. 30. Poor man’s Carolina Panthers. A very solid (especially rush) defense that will keep them in games, but not a good enough offense to be a legit threat.. 1-1. T2nd AFC East. New York Jets

I’m not a believer. I’m not an E.J. Manuel fan, and I don’t believe he can lead the Bills to more than eight wins. Is it more likely that the Bills are a powerhouse or that the Bears and Dolphins are mediocre in their current state? I’d say the latter. . 2-0. 1st AFC East. Buffalo Bills. 16. player. 16

T1st NFC North. Detroit Lions. 15. player. 50. Detroit had an impressive debut against the lowly Giants in Week 1, but failed to impress against the solid Carolina Panthers the following week. I think this is exactly what the Lions are going to be this year. They’ll wallop crap teams, and not put up much of a fight against top 10 teams. . 1-1

I have no idea what to think of the Cardinals. It looks so ugly, but they just win games. <strong><a href=. 2-0. 1st NFC West. Arizona Cardinals. 14. player. 32

T1st NFC North. Chicago Bears. 13. player. 57. I was ready to write the Bears off after a pathetic Week 1 loss to what I thought would be the terrible Buffalo Bills. Now it looks like Buffalo is decent, and the Bears aren’t as bad as they looked. Unless <strong><a href=. 1-1

I still believe the Colts run through the worst division in the NFL. They played two very tough teams in the Denver Broncos and Philadelphia Eagles. They played both well, and lost by a touchdown in both games. The Colts will easily make the playoffs.. 0-2. T3rd AFC South. Indianapolis Colts. 12. player. 46

15. Another “don’t panic” team. I think they’ll be fine, but losing to Cleveland is never a good sign.. 0-2. T3rd NFC South. New Orleans Saints. 11. player

47. This, along with several other teams, is an example of a “don’t panic” team. <strong><a href=. 1-1. T2nd AFC East. New England Patriots. 10. player

Green Bay Packers. 9. player. 49. As I wrote in my last <a href=. 1-1. T1st NFC North

Atlanta Falcons. 8. player. 44. Thursday night’s game taught us two things: One, the Bengals are really good for beating this team 24-10 and two, the Bucs are horrendous.. 2-1. 2nd NFC South

Carolina Panthers. 7. player. 87. I completely bought into the regression narrative. I was wrong. Carolina’s defense is going to keep them in every game, and despite a complete lack of receiver depth, the offense is keeping up.. 2-0. 1st NFC South

It appears <strong><a href=. 1-1. 2nd AFC West. San Diego Chargers. 6. player. 13

5. player. 54. The Eagles are going to run away with this terrible division. They defeated an inconsistent but formidable Indianapolis Colts team Monday night. <strong><a href=. 2-0. 1st NFC East. Philadelphia Eagles

56. I’ll admit that I was low on the Bengals to begin the year. Wisconsin Badgers fans are certainly familiar with the appropriately-Bengal-colored-hair of <strong><a href=. 2-0. 1st AFC North. Cincinnati Bengals. 4. player

42. The loss against the Bears screams fluke. <strong><a href=. 1-1. T2nd NFC West. San Francisco 49ers. 3. player

45. Denver struggled against both the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1 and the Kansas City Chiefs last week. “Struggled” in <strong><a href=. 2-0. 1st AFC West. Denver Broncos. 2. player

T2nd NFC West. Seattle Seahawks. 1. player. 36. I’m not worried at all about Seattle. Losing in the inferno that was San Diego, on the road, against a pretty darn formidable team in the Chargers is not a huge bump in the road for me. I still see this team going 13-3 and potentially making the Super Bowl for the second year in a row.. 1-1

Comment below on where you think I was right or wrong!