The Wisconsin Badgers unveiled their red helmets in 2013 and wore them at Minnesota last November when they claimed The Paul Bunyan Axe. Could there be an all-red Wisconsin look on the horizon? Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

All-Red Wisconsin Badgers In 2014?

The Wisconsin Badgers have never sported an all-red look for a game at Camp Randall Stadium.

Could we see that this fall? The program’s official Twitter feed may have given us some hints today:

That would be different. Not good, necessarily, but different.

Call me crazy or old-fashioned, but I’m a fan of contrast on the football field—dark jersey, light pants or light jersey, dark pants.

The Badgers introduced the red helmet last season after years of wearing the white headgear and that was, again, different.

The players were noticeably unimpressed by the red lids.

According to a report last August, coach Gary Andersen introduced the red helmets—the first time the Badgers have worn red helmets since the late 1960s—and the players were straight-faced throughout the entire introductory speech.

Anderson asked the players if they liked the new helmets and the response was a groan.

So, yeah.

But they donned the red helmets several times in 2013 and they will likely be back again in 2014 (as evidenced by the photos above).

And if all-red happens to show up at Camp Randall on some Saturday in the near future, we can’t really say we’re shocked, either.

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